All Veterans, All Wars, & Concerns: Helping Veterans live productively.

I specialize in working with Combat Veterans and their families whether you want PTSD Counseling or other help. 

Empowering Veterans

Counseling and Personal Fulfillment

Counseling is about living a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Many people get stuck thinking in terms of diagnoses, symptoms, and amelioration of symptoms, but counseling has so much more to offer.

Combat veterans do have serious concerns that must be addressed: guilt, mistrust, anger, suicidal thought, traumatic brain injury and other physical injuries in addition to the loneliness and emptiness of returning home and feeling how things are different.

Counseling is an indispensible professional relationship that will help with all of these concerns. Ultimately, you will find ways to live your life most fully while dealing with the very real effects of what you have been through.

Counseling and your Loved Ones

War trauma can separate the veteran from loved ones for many reasons. Counseling can help bridge the gap and help family members and loved ones have a better understanding of what the veteran is going through and how best to respond.

PTSD Counseling Services & Clinical Hypnosis for Veterans

Therapy with a Heart

You can only keep  things bottled up for so long before you realize that time does not heal all wounds and, in fact, things may get worse with time without getting the help you need.

Serving Individuals, Couples, & Families

Counseling and Group Therapy for Veterans in Cleveland Area / Beachwood 

PTSD and Anger

Coping with Nightmares and Sleep Problems

Dealing with Chronic Pain and Injuries

Group Therapy

Marriage & Family Counseling

Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH Certified)

PTSD, Depression, & Anger

Group Therapy for Combat War Veterans

Group Therapy helps to connect with other veterans who have similar experiences. This group is Confidential and faciliated by two seasoned clinicians.

Disability Compensation

You may need further evaluation to establish or possibly upgrade your service-connected disability. I can provide additional resources if necessary.


Anger is a symptom of PTSD due to chronic activation of the stress response.  It is important to get competent care and support in dealing with anger and PTSD.


You may have both PTSD and Depression, but have only been diagnosed with Depression.  It is important to understand the totality of your condition and the underlying injuries.

Coping with PTSD

If you have nightmares or panic attacks, and have served in war, there is a high probability you have PTSD.  Many veterans go years, sometimes a lifetime, without realizing they have PTSD or getting appropriate care.

Therapy for PTSD

Many kinds of therapy are available: Individual, therapy for your spouse, military sexual trauma counseling, marriage counseling, or even for your children. War injury effects you and also your loved ones.

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