You can live a brighter life in the light of God's unconditional Love.

I am a Christian and welcome All Faiths to Spiritually based counseling.

Counseling & Psychotherapy

I am here for you

I am a Servant of the Lord our God. He works through me in my Christian faith as I listen to the Holy Spirit. Whether or not you are a Christian, come from another faith, have lost faith, or are a non-believer, I can help. Ultimately, I am guided by the light of Christ in my own life and heart.

If you are committed to a life long journey that addresses the complexity of your concerns, I can help. I can address any therapeutic concern you have, especially long-standing issues rooted in family life, feelings of being alone and emotionally distant, dissappointment, anger, and relationship problems, or even if you are not sure what is wrong. If you feel lifeless, unmotivated, and wondering why you are here, I am here to help.

While I have extensive training and experience, a graduate degree and license in Counseling, and have done significant work with trauma, sexual abuse victims, assault, war veterans, military sexual trauma, family abuse, religious abuse, dissociative identity disorder, grief and loss, anger and forgiveness, and much more, I give the credit to the Lord who works in and through me.

My services include Marriage Counseling, Family Counseling, Individual Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Veterans Counseling & Assessment, and Comprehensive Evaluations and Written Reports for Disability Claims.


Faith-Based Spiritual Counseling

Therapy with a Heart

You can only keep  things bottled up for so long before you realize that time does not heal all wounds and, in fact, things may get worse with time without getting the help you need.


Serving Individuals, Couples, & Families

Counseling and Group Therapy for Veterans in Cleveland Area / Beachwood 

PTSD and Anger

Coping with Nightmares and Sleep Problems

Dealing with Chronic Pain and Injuries

Group Therapy

Marriage & Family Counseling

Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH Certified)

PTSD, Depression, & Anger

Group Therapy for Combat War Veterans

Group Therapy helps to connect with other veterans who have similar experiences. This group is Confidential and faciliated by two seasoned clinicians.

Disability Compensation

You may need further evaluation to establish or possibly upgrade your service-connected disability. I can provide additional resources if necessary.


Anger is a symptom of PTSD due to chronic activation of the stress response.  It is important to get competent care and support in dealing with anger and PTSD.


You may have both PTSD and Depression, but have only been diagnosed with Depression.  It is important to understand the totality of your condition and the underlying injuries.

Coping with PTSD

If you have nightmares or panic attacks, and have a traumatic past, there is a high probability you have PTSD.  Many people go for years, sometimes a lifetime, without getting appropriate care.

Therapy for PTSD

There is no "cure" for PTSD. There are many therapies. It is important, however, to be able to find a place where you can begin to trust again, begin to love and open your heart again, and stop being on the run again. 

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